Original Design

CHYCI brand for more than 20 years has been focusing on the design concept of delicacy,quality and comfort.As a starting point for the design,on the basis of adhering to the original concept,CHYCI also insists on continuous innovation,the spirit of craftmanship remains the same.We seek innovation and change in each new chapter,push the boundaries of craft and style

“Where other brands choose to cut corners, we invest.”

CHYCI mainly specialize in men’s leather shoes, leather boots, and leather sports shoes. We choose the best materials for our footwear. Using rare materials such as cowhide, crocodile, ostrich to assure our customers that they have made a good choice. LEIZILEI not only pays attention to the quality of life, but also pays attention to the spirit of craftsmanship. Every pair of shoes, from design to production, is a masterpiece of the shoemaker. We believe that only by focusing on quality shoes can we be invincible.

In recent years, CHYCI has successfully expanded to the  US and the European markets such as Paris, France, and has grown into a truly international brand.

CHYCI mainly development timeline:

In 2016, CHYCI was registered by well-known brands such as Goldlion, Shachi and other well-known brand OEMs. While OEM, it also develops its own brand business and continuously expands online business.

In 2018, CHYCI brand officially settled in Tmall and opened the online flagship store to enter the public’s field of vision.

In 2021, CHYCI brand has continued to expand in the European and American market.

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